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Launch week Patch 01: 01.23.2023

Following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed bug causing pack Raptors and Compys to slide(instead of running) when entering combat.

  • Fixed bug causing dinos to become stuck in idle animations after being killed.

  • Projectile performance improvements.

  • AI Pathing performance improvements.

  • Fixed bugs causing lures and repellants to not function correctly.

  • Fixed acid arrow not being given to the player.

  • Fixed bug causing dinos not to be frozen when triggering a freeze trap while mid-attack.

  • Improved dino weapon aiming code

  • Seeping Swamp performance improvements.

  • Fixed some bugs with damage pop-up numbers.

  • Pteranodon death cam bug fixes.

  • Fixed bugs with tech Compy explosion attack.

  • Fixed bugs with dino Carbine weapons causing them not to fire when they should sometimes.

  • Fixed bug in Dimetrodon player death cam.

  • Fixed wrong VO playing when returning to the Lodge after completing the tutorial.

  • Removed test data from the trophy room GUI.

  • Fixed bug causing drones not to attack sometimes

  • Fixed bug causing dino weapon attachment FX to not show up in some cases.

  • Fixed a bunch of achievement bugs, which made some achievements unachievable.

  • Removed red dot from Campaign GUI maps.

  • Fixed bug preventing freeze traps from deploying when they land on the ice at the feet of a frozen creature.

  • Fixed bug allowing freeze traps to be triggered by already trapped creatures.

  • Fixed bug with dino shader when dino is hit with acid arrow, then frozen.

  • Fixed bug causing frozen shader to stay on dino when broken out of freeze due to hitting a weak point.

  • Added missing text glyphs for some languages.

  • Adjusted subtitle speed for some languages.

  • Synchronized gate levers for gates with multiple switches.

  • Fixed bug causing Tech T-Rex to shoot itself in the head.

  • Fixed some game text.

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