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Launch week Patch 01: 01.23.2023

Following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed bug causing pack Raptors and Compys to slide(instead of running) when entering combat.

  • Fixed bug causing dinos to become stuck in idle animations after being killed.

  • Projectile performance improvements.

  • AI Pathing performance improvements.

  • Fixed bugs causing lures and repellants to not function correctly.

  • Fixed acid arrow not being given to the player.

  • Fixed bug causing dinos not to be frozen when triggering a freeze trap while mid-attack.

  • Improved dino weapon aiming code

  • Seeping Swamp performance improvements.

  • Fixed some bugs with damage pop-up numbers.

  • Pteranodon death cam bug fixes.

  • Fixed bugs with tech Compy explosion attack.

  • Fixed bugs with dino Carbine weapons causing them not to fire when they should sometimes.

  • Fixed bug in Dimetrodon player death cam.

  • Fixed wrong VO playing when returning to the Lodge after completing the tutorial.

  • Removed test data from the trophy room GUI.

  • Fixed bug causing drones not to attack sometimes

  • Fixed bug causing dino weapon attachment FX to not show up in some cases.

  • Fixed a bunch of achievement bugs, which made some achievements unachievable.

  • Removed red dot from Campaign GUI maps.

  • Fixed bug preventing freeze traps from deploying when they land on the ice at the feet of a frozen creature.

  • Fixed bug allowing freeze traps to be triggered by already trapped creatures.

  • Fixed bug with dino shader when dino is hit with acid arrow, then frozen.

  • Fixed bug causing frozen shader to stay on dino when broken out of freeze due to hitting a weak point.

  • Added missing text glyphs for some languages.

  • Adjusted subtitle speed for some languages.

  • Synchronized gate levers for gates with multiple switches.

  • Fixed bug causing Tech T-Rex to shoot itself in the head.

  • Fixed some game text.

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William McCoy
William McCoy
Dec 29, 2023

I upgraded from meta quest 2 to 3 and ever since I can no longer mount my trophies in the trophy room and the completed hunts don’t register. Do I have to reload the game and start over?


Trap Tv
Trap Tv
Nov 02, 2023

Great game! i Just wanted to suggest more features to get the player more engaged with the dinosaurslike having alpha raptors jump onto safe areas

or dimetrodon going under water and coming out only when a player goes into the water or uses an ice trap

P.S: the game master says Round 2 the dimetrodon in it’s first hunt is this a mistake or did I miss a quest?

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